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Welcome to Puppies4u.net!

At Puppies4u.net we have a large selection of registered purebred puppies available, as well as a variety of hybrid and "designer dogs" such as labradoodles, puggles, cockapoos and MORE. If we don't have what you're looking for or if you have a specific request as to breed, gender, and color, our puppy locator service can find your exact puppy... usually within one week.

We are proud to have provided thousands of happy, healthy puppies to our many customers, emphasizing customer service and satisfaction and making puppies more affordable than ever. May we help you find your new best friend?

Here is what we offer:

  • Knowledgeable customer service representatives to answer any breed and/or health concerns and to help you select the right breed for you (particularly helpful to first time puppy owners when they have questions about specific breed traits and temperaments),
  • Largest selection of breeds, genders and colors,
  • Double veterinary exams for your peace of mind,
  • Up to date booster vaccinations and wormings,
  • Comprehensive health guarantee, and
  • Our puppy locator service (if we don't have the breed, gender, or color of your choice immediately available, we can locate one through our vast network of professional breeder resources with minimum wait time).

Big Responsibility

That you have found our website suggests that you are serious about buying a puppy. However, in the spirit of animal welfare, and to prevent "buyer's remorse," we ask that you consider all of the implications of animal ownership. Over the lifetime of your pet you must be willing to:

  • properly feed and shelter your pet;
  • see that his health and well-being are maintained including preventative veterinary care;
  • make an investment of time for exercising and/or walking your pet;
  • tend to the grooming and flea control needs on a regular basis; and
  • have lots of patience (especially during housebreaking).

Do not buy a puppy on impulse. Rather make your decision to purchase based on your ability to meet ALL of the puppies needs. Make sure you have the time, energy, patience and love to give your new puppy. If you are ready to make such a commitment then you have just found the best website source for quality, health guaranteed puppies.


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