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Statement of Limited Liability and Guarantee

Thank you for purchasing your new puppy via Puppies4U.net, website and services provided by Westland Dog Food Co., Inc.

We have made every effort to assure the quality and health of your new pet. Two physical exams have been given to your puppy by Licensed Veterinarians prior to your purchase. Vaccine boosters and worming were administered according to recommended and accepted protocol. Westland Dog Food Co., Inc., is in full compliance with the requirements of the state of Michigan regarding health certification of companion animals.

With the transfer of ownership of this puppy to you, some medical liability is also transferred. This includes veterinary care, and the financial obligations associated with it. They are part of responsible pet ownership and MUST be considered when purchasing a pet.

Seller acknowledges:

  • Symptoms of serious illness/defects were NOT present at time of physical exam.
  • NO incidents of seizure or epilepsy were observed during our possession.
  • Certain needed medical procedures may have been performed on you puppy (i.e. hernia repair); if so you will be given full disclosure at time of sale.
  • That certain parasites may require treatment beyond such time a puppy is in our possession. Any such treatment shall become the responsibility of purchaser.
    NOTICE: We recommend a fecal exam be performed within 72 hours of purchase.

Our breeder sources adhere to professional selective breeding and animal husbandry guidelines and all our puppies have unlimited access to Veterinary care. However, as with all living creatures, certain health risks potentially exist in any given puppy which are beyond our ability to diagnose, predict or control. Therefore in the spirit of animal welfare, Westland Dog Food Co., Inc., offers the following guarantees:


As stated in the acknowledgement above, your puppy has received a complete physical exam prior to your purchase. At that time indications of illness were NOT present. The incubation period of certain viruses, bacterial infections and/or disease are such that, while undetected during the examination, development of said conditions could occur after the sale of the puppy. Generally accepted veterinary opinion suggest that a puppy harboring any such conditions would be sick with symptoms within 2 days. If it is the opinion of Westland Dog Food Co., Inc., and their Veterinary consultants that your puppy left our premises with any said condition, Westland Dog Food Co., Inc., will negotiate a reasonable refund based on fair and equitable treatment costs (up to but not exceeding the purchase price of your puppy). However, if it is the opinion of our Veterinary consultants that said condition was contracted while the puppy was in buyer's possession, then treatment costs become the buyer's responsibility.


HYPOGLYCEMIA (low blood sugar): In young puppies, especially the toy breeds, inadequate food intake can lead to hypoglycemia. Until your puppy builds extra fat tissue (usually by 12 weeks of age) you must feed a new puppy every 3 to 4 hours. Hypoglycemia is NOT covered under the 48 hour guarantee.

COCCIDIOSIS: Intestinal protozoa pathogens made virulent by the stresses of shipping and sudden changes in feed, and /or environment changes. Characterized by diarrhea (sometimes bloody), coccidiosis can be routinely treated by your veterinarian. Due to the stress related causes, coccidiosis is NOT covered under the 48 hour guarantee.

BORDETELLA (kennel cough): At birth, the respiratory and immune systems of puppies are incompletely developed, facilitating the introduction and spread of pathogens within the lungs, thereby increasing the risk of upper respiratory infections. The stress of shipping and environmental changes can cause a relapse of the infections. Symptoms include a hacking cough and nasal discharge. Antibiotics prescribed by your veterinarian will easily cure this condition. Left untreated, your puppy is at risk of developing pneumonia. We will guarantee against kennel cough for only 48 hours from date of purchase and will reimburse you a maximum of $45.00 for treatment.


Your puppy is guaranteed for ONE YEAR FROM DATE OF BIRTH against congenital (born with) or hereditary defects or illness.


Depending on the severity of the diagnosed condition, the following is the schedule of benefits.

  1. For minor medical conditions and/or non life-threatening congenital or hereditary diagnosis: MAXIMUM BENEFIT $60.00. Minor medical condition shall be defined as an affliction of organs such as eye entropies, demodectic mange or neutering to remove undescended testicle or any medical condition that can be cured with a minimum of veterinary intervention.
  2. For long term quality of life prognosis with minor surgery, treatment other than surgery or daily medication: MAXIMUM BENEFIT: refund of 1/2 original purchase price. Long term quality of life prognosis shall be defined as an affliction of the muscular or skeletal system including minor hip dysplasia or luxating patellas (grade III or IV ONLY).
  3. For life threatening prognosis and/or major surgery: MAXIMUM BENEFIT: full refund of purchase price. If surgery is indicated, benefit payable upon completion of said surgery. Life threatening prognosis shall be defined as an affliction to the major organs: heart, lungs, kidney, liver, intestinal tract and neurological systems including some forms of epilepsy.
  4. Death of an animal due to congenital or hereditary condition: MAXIMUM BENEFIT: full refund of purchase price OR a replacement puppy of similar breed or cost. A death certificate and necropsy required at owners expense.
  5. Hip Dysplasia is guaranteed for one year from dog's date of birth, and depending on the severity, will be covered under schedule B or C above.


For entitlement to benefits herein described, buyer agrees to the following conditions:

  • Veterinary diagnosis is required at owner's expense. A copy of the diagnosis on your veterinarian's letterhead must be submitted to Westland Dog Food Co., Inc.
  • Provide confirming documentation such as lab test results and/or radiographs.
  • The diagnosis must indicate that any defect or illness is congenital or hereditary and will adversely affect the dog's quality of life OR shorten expected life-span OR be life threatening OR require daily medication or surgery
  • Return the AKC registration papers to Westland Dog Food Co., Inc.

The benefits of this guarantee pertain only to the health of your new puppy. They do NOT apply to injury, accidents, neglect, mistreatment or allergies. Further, this guarantee does not reimburse you for veterinary office calls, vaccinations, diagnostics, X-rays, medical treatment of above, anesthesia, surgery or medications.

There is no warranty expressed or implied that you will be able to use this pet for show or in breeding purposes. Westland Dog Food Co., Inc., provides this pet solely as a companion animal.

This limited guarantee warrants the original purchaser only and is not transferable.




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